On Friday, 13 November an Aircon capacitor overheated and caught fire in the ceiling of our office at Wyong. 

With some quick thinking by our team members, who tackled the fire with fire extinguishers and called ‘000’, they were able to remove the office laptops and server hard drives from permanent destruction.

The swift action taken by our team made it possible to continue supporting customers while the Fire Brigade put out the fire and assessed the damage. The damaged equipment could have taken hours or days to replace however with the removal of the technology we needed to continue to support our customers, our team were able to continue to answer customers’ enquiries and process new customer orders. There was never any danger of business interruption as our main equipment systems and records are all kept in a Secure Data Centre located offsite or in the Cloud.

The fire occurred at 2.00pm on Friday and by the following Monday morning our Support team moved into a temporary office next door and continued operating as normal. It may take about 2 months before we can move back into the refurbished office, but in the meantime it is business as usual.

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