Cost saving is an important part of business but there are times when cutting corners can get you in trouble.

A recent report by the ABC has outlined ways telcos are trying to make money back on the NBN’s two-stage charging process – the fixed access charge based on speed and the variable charge based on actual customer bandwidth usage – by reducing the bandwidth available to customers despite charging premium rates.

“What they normally would divide among 100 people, now they divide it between 1,000 people, so the quality of the service is then going down,” independent telecommunications consultant Paul Budde told the ABC.

This means that a number of telcos are in effect providing a reduced service, hoping enough customers will be offline during peak periods to allow for the use of a lower bandwidth and therefore lower variable fee, at a premium rate.

Which is why though you have swapped from ADSL to the NBN, you might feel as if even you are still experiencing similar internet speeds.

It also means that many businesses are dealing with slow, patchy, or disconnected services when they don’t need to be – with speeds of up to 100mps on offer with a good NBN/internet connection, why would you want something similar but more expensive than ADSL?

At Central Connect we do things differently, we make sure that you get the bandwidth you need when you need it by limiting the number of people/businesses on one connection.

This way you are guaranteed to get fast internet whenever you log on.

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