My Internet Is Slow

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If you are having speed issues with your internet, follow these steps:

  1. Power cycle your modem (Turn off modem for approximately 10 seconds and turn back on).
  2. If your speed does not improve after a power cycle, confirm your internet speed by following these steps:
  3. Run the speed test and record your download and upload speed.  Does your internet speed meet the following guidelines:
    • NBN Service speed guideline (Table below)
    • Is your speed below the speed guideline (Table below)
  4. Please call Central Connect Support on 02 4355 4844 Opt 3.
Typical speeds between12/1 MBPS25/5 MBPS50/20 MBPS100/40 MBPS
7pm-11pm9Mbps (download)20Mbps (download)44Mbps (download)88Mbps (download)
0.8Mbps (upload)4Mbps (upload)15Mbps (upload)30Mbps (upload)
12am-6pm11Mbps (download)22Mbps (download)45Mbps (download)90Mbps (download)
0.9Mbps (upload)4Mbps (upload)15Mbps (upload)30Mbps (upload)
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