Ethernet Broadband

Ethernet Broadband is the answer to your business needs if you require a more reliable and faster internet connection than ADSL2+ but do not have budget or need for the high end Internet of Fibre Optic Broadband. Ethernet Broadband is a combination of multiple copper lines into a single Ethernet interface. Due to the multiple lines it is more reliable than ADSL2+ and has the ability to remain operational even if there is a problem with one access line. It also has the ability to offer faster symmetric speeds than a regular DSL connection but does not have as high costs associated with Fibre Optic Broadband.

Ethernet Broadband is best suited to small and medium businesses.


Ethernet Broadband


Our Business Broadband Ethernet provides a high-end internet solution to help power your business communications, online applications, and special services such as video conferencing. One of the key benefits of this solution is its equally fast downloads and uploads. Carriage is via a dedicated business-only network and supported by our IT and network experts.
You will need a fixed phone line service in order to get Business Broadband Ethernet.

Benefits of Business Broadband Ethernet:

  • Reduce costs with unbeatable value for premium grade, high performance bandwidth services
  • Equally fast upload and download speeds
  • Plans are capped for easier cost control
  • Static IP address
  • Unlimited traffic means no excess charges, no preset data limits, no throttling that impedes performance.
  • No contention ratio means you have full use and control of the bandwidth without performance interference or degradation from other customers.


Important Features



Outstanding price/performance.
Fast, reliable and secure connections.
Connections speeds start at 1Mbps (symmetrical).
Unlimited use of the service
A flat rate monthly fee with no additional charges
100% throughput and use of the bandwidth for your applications.

*Speeds vary based on a range of factors including distance from exchange, availability & quality of copper, electrical interference & customer cabling, RIM or pair gain may limit connection speed.