Consider Mobile Broadband

Have you considered Mobile Broadband rather than Sky Muster

Are you located in a remote area of Australia and use nbnTM Sky Muster? Have you considered mobile broadband as an option for all your internet needs?

Over the last year, mobile broadband has become a real alternative for business grade applications. Some of the key features to consider when changing to a mobile broadband solution compared to an nbnTM Sky Muster service are:

  1. Accessible Internet on the Go. With nbnTM Sky Muster you are locked into the location you have set up and do not have the flexibility of being transportable as you would if you have a mobile broadband plan.
  2. No complicated metered or unmetered data usage. Mobile broadband can be set with a required data allowance. However, if you need to go over the data allowance you can and the cost is predictable and can be controlled. Whereas you can be caught out with nbnTM Sky Muster. For example, if you reach your data limit before month end, you will have limited internet service speed to the point where it is at an unusable level until the next month.
  3. Speed of Internet. You need to be aware with nbnTM Sky Muster that usage is set at On and Off-Peak periods. This means when you choose to access your internet services, the speed of your internet will be affected by congestion during certain times of the day. Whereas, with mobile broadband the speed of your internet can be more reliable. 

Don’t get us wrong, if you have nbnTM Sky Muster and the service is working well for you, great, but if not, maybe it is time to rethink and see if you can access mobile broadband as an option. Contact us today for a free quote on 1800 426 855.