Business Grade NBN

Super fast NBN internet tailored to your business.

Lets make it easy as possible for you to connect to a network that’s ready for the future. When you choose Central Connect Business NBN, we will cover the cost of installing the fibre connection.




NBN Plans Business

Monthly Recurring

100 x 40 Mbps

250 x 100 Mbps

500 x 200 Mbps

1 GB x 400 Mbps

* Only available for fibre to the premises location

Symmetric Plans

100 x 100 Mbps

Suited for small business with few users

250 x 250 Mbps

Great for larger offices with multiple staff and devices

500 x 500 Mbps

Ideal for work spaces a high volume use of devices and video conferences

1 GB x 1 GB

Perfect for enterprise  with bandwidth extensive application

Please Note : Pricing for Enterprise Ethernet dedicated links is location dependent, Email or Phone Central Connect for a quote. Phone 02 43554844

What is business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet?

Enterprise  Ethernet is a reliable  high-speed business-grade fibre connection for businesses that are data-hungry and need to stay online. Running over an end-to end fibre network (no copper) ensures you receive a fast and dependable internet service suited to big and small businesses. It can also scale to suit the ever changing needs of your business, such as adding employees or more bandwidth-heavy apps.

What are the benefits?

COVID-19 forced 9 out of 10 Australian SMBS to adapt new technologies to continue operating and keep employees working during the pandemic. This accelerated Technology adoption resulted in many businesses becoming up to 3x more productive than they were previously. As a result businesses need an internet solution powerful enough to be able to continue running these technologies now and into the future. An affordable is also ideal. Enterprise Ethernet is the solution.

Some of the business activities that may lead you to choose businesses nbn® Enterprise Ethernet include:

  • Video conferencing and collaboration
  • Unified Communications AI, predictive analytics and machine learning
  • VPN, security and monitoring applications
  • Uploading and downloading large files and applications 
  • Working with large HD digital images
  • Multiline voice call centres
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Video conferencing and collaboration
  • Bandwidth intensive software
  • Enhancing employee activity 

How Does it Work?

Our Enterprise Ethernet solution connects the internet to your premises using business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet, terminating on an nbn® provided Business Network Termination Device (BNTD). It’s then connected to your network to provide fast and affordable premium business grade internet access.

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